Data Recharge

Data Recharge  

Available internet data pack to recharge


  • Prices: Mexican Pesos (MXN)
  • IVA: will be added at the Checkout page 
  • Activation: Immediately after confirming the payment, our support team will activate the data package and notify you.
  • Information: Add information bellow with your payment (see tag attached on your myWIFI device) : 
    • ID number:
    • Linea number
Data Recharge Plans Options

myWIFI DATA PLAN specification:

  • Data plan options: 5GB / 10GB / 20GB / 30GB / 50GB
  • Quantity:  01 (one) pack each time 
  • Validity: Data packages are valid for up to 30 days after being activated, expiring for the term or consumption, whichever comes first
  • New recharges: Yes, it is possible.
  • Coverage: Mexico territory with ALTAN REDES + TELCEL networks 
  • Voice and SMS: Not available
  • International Roaming: Not available
  • Technical Support: Yes, only by message (WhatsApp and Chat On line)
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese


  • Recharge available only for myWIFI devices provided by AVASA HERTZ. 
  • Once data pack is activated, there is no refound. 


  • Be aware with Apple Devices (iPhone / Tablets). They use a lot of data to update apps and/or replicate data on the cloud.  Check your device user manual to disable these automatic updates.